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Brand Info

Mosquito Joe Franchisee Story
About Mosquito Joe
Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control treatment to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained mosquito control experts dedicated to one thing: getting rid of mosquitoes so you can enjoy being outside again. Outfitted with the latest gear and backed by the coordination of a top-notch support staff, our technicians in the field get the job done swiftly and thoroughly, leaving a noticeable absence of biting insects in their wake. Each Mosquito Joe operation is an independently owned franchise offering customers reliable and effective service from a trusted community member, backed by a national network of technical expertise.
Why Mosquito Joe?
  • Brand Power: Our brand promise, "Outside is fun again," keeps smiles on our faces and those of our customers.
  • Marketing Support: Leverage a full array of promotional materials and marketing strategies to get the word out about Mosquito Joe.
  • Call Center Support: The MoJo Line is ready to receive calls 24/7 so your customers can count on a human experience to establish customer loyalty early on.
  • Best in Class Systems: Innovative software unique to our industry makes customer recruitment, marketing, scheduling, accounting and training easy for our franchise partners.
  • Ongoing Training: Your education at MoJo University is comprehensive, from operation of equipment and regulatory compliance to marketing strategies and best business practices. Learning and maintaining Mosquito Joe's high standards of quality service is key, with ongoing training available.
A Day in the Life of a Mosquito Joe Franchisee

Mosquito Joe prides itself on having one of the lowest costs in the franchise industry. Actual costs vary depending on local market prices, but a typical initial franchise investment for a single territory is structured as follows:

  • Franchise fee - $30,000
  • Marketing, supplies, insurance and forms -  $40,000
  • Computer devices and software -  $4,000
  • Tools, chemicals and equipment - $5,500
  • Vehicle - $6,000
  • Additional capital - $14,000

Per FDD, approximate total investment range is $66,600-$127,500.

Franchisees may also take advantage of various franchise discount opportunities. Mosquito Joe offers military veterans a $6,000 discount on their initial franchise fee. Discounts are also offered for former or current law enforcement and firefighters.


How Mosquito Joe Makes Outside Fun Again.

Why I Bought

Hollie and Lee Woodham, a couple who met on a Southwest Airlines flight not once, but twice, took their marriage to the next level by opening their own franchise together. With over 30 years of combined experience in the business world, the Woodham’s are looking to build a successful future as Mosquito Joe owners and operators in the Northwest Dallas-Fort Worth area.

While their two children, Jackson and Ella, took up plenty of their time, Hollie and Lee felt that they needed a new challenge. After combing through several franchise possibilities, the couple finally found a business that combined their ambition with their love for the outdoors—their journey with Mosquito Joe had begun.

“We loved what they were doing, so we flew out to the headquarters and talked with Kevin Wilson about the background of the company and what type of support that they offered to franchisees,” Lee said. “After meeting with him we were extremely impressed with their commitment to franchisees, booking clients and the routing software that is extremely important to us, especially with my consulting background.”

Being in Texas, where mosquitoes run amok and West Nile Virus is a very real fear, the Woodham’s saw their own Mosquito Joe business as a means to give back to their community in more ways than one.

“The families are so grateful to be able to use their backyards and be outside again,” Hollie said. “I also love that entrepreneurs in the area want to help each other grow and be successful.”

Even with growing pains typically encountered during an inaugural franchise unit, the Woodham’s could not be more thrilled with their business venture.

“I think that the concept overall has proven to be effective,” Hollie said. “We’ve certainly seen some tremendous growth. We contribute that to the marketing and branding, as well as family and friends in the area promoting by word-of-mouth.”

Executive Q&A

Q&A With Mosquito Joe’s President, Lou Schager

What about Mosquito Joe makes it unique within its industry?

First and foremost is always our brand. Most new franchisees comment on our “look”, saying it’s what got their attention in the first place and roped them in to the character of Mosquito Joe. Our tagline is Outside is fun again and that’s always the goal for us. Your brand is your promise to your customers and we want to give the ability to spend time outside with friends and families without the annoyance of mosquitoes. Some of our other taglines such as “Stop smacking yourself in the face.” and “Tired of being the main course in your own back yard?” let customers and prospects know that our company has a relatable personality, that we understand your mosquito control needs, and that we have the expertise necessary to meet them. The second is customer service. We strive to make sure our customers have an easy and enjoyable experience no matter where they are.

What have been some of the brand's most important milestones over the past five years?

We sold our first franchise in early 2013 and ever since, we’ve been charging forward full throttle. Surpassing our goals each year has been something our team can be proud of everyday. In 2017, we reached 234 territories in 32 states nationwide. The ultimate this year was earning a coveted spot on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for the second year in a row. That recognition, combined with the brand’s growing national presence, has positioned Mosquito Joe to enter 2018 positioned for even larger scale growth.

What plans does the brand have in the coming years? 

Of course, we’ll continue to expand into new markets and increase our footprint. We would like to have 500 territories open by 2020 and be the largest and best outdoor pest control company in the country. In a recent analysis, we determined that we are growing 3x faster than our competitors.  There’s no doubt that 2018 is going to be another strong year for us, from both a development and educational perspective. We’re excited to grow into new territories this year, and ultimately take the Mosquito Joe brand to the next level.

What does an ideal franchisee look like?

Our ideal franchisees are passionate, driven and want to make a difference in their communities. You don’t need any experience in pest control, just the ambition and desire to serve customers and lead employees.

Why is Mosquito Joe a good investment? 

The Mosquito Joe business model makes an ideal investment for anyone looking to become his or her own boss with the added benefit of an experienced corporate office supporting you every step of the way. Our corporate team has over 220 years in franchise experience ranging from business to marketing to finance. Other benefits include:

  • Low investment that can initially be operated from the home, thus keeping expenses low which drives to a low breakeven.
  • It is seasonal in most markets, which allows for time to take a break and plan for the upcoming season.
  • It’s still an emerging segment in the pest control industry and growing fast as the public’s awareness of mosquito borne diseases like West Nile and Zika become better know.  

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