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Miami Herald: Mosquito Control Business Booms as Zika Fears Rise
Mosquito Joe franchisee Yoel Gutierrez is fielding four times the requests and inquiries this year compared to 2015.
The mosquito control industry is booming in South Florida as Zika fears linger. Miami Mosquito Joe owner Yoel Gutierrez has seen requests and inquiries up four fold from this year compared to last.

Families concerned about the virus as well as commercial properties like hotels are where demand is increasing most for Mosquito Joe's services, which protect properties for 2-3 weeks at a time. Gutierrez has doubled his staff, purchased another truck and an ATV sprayer to accommodate the increase in requests.

Other mosquito control-related businesses like pharmacies selling insect repellent and companies that install mosquito-repelling misting systems have also seen an uptick in business this summer.

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