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As More Consumers Turn to Mosquito Control Services Amid Zika Concerns, Mosquito Joe Continues to Stand Out from the Competition
The mosquito control industry is getting more crowded, but Mosquito Joe stands out as the industry leader.

With concerns about the spread of the Zika virus reaching an all-time high across the country, mosquito control services have never played a more important or essential role. More consumers are relying on professionals to protect their homes and families from pests than ever before, and it’s not a job that should be taken lightly. That’s why an established brand like Mosquito Joe, one of the nation’s leading mosquito control treatment companies, is standing out from the competition.

Since Zika started making headlines earlier this year, more mom-and-pop mosquito businesses are opening their doors in response. However, as an established brand with more experience and offering superior services that are both effective and affordable to residential and commercial clients, Mosquito Joe continues to dominate the market.

“While we aren’t experts in any mosquito borne illness, we are experts in mosquito control. Mosquito Joe brings a level of professionalism and experience to the table that other brands are lacking,” said Kevin Wilson, Mosquito Joe’s CEO and “Head Joe.” “All of our services are proven to be successful in creating a lasting barrier between you and mosquitoes, which is your best defense against mosquito bites.”

The quality of those services go above and beyond the traditional spray found at other mosquito control companies. Mosquito Joe’s most popular service, its barrier spray treatment, protects yards for up to three weeks at a time. The brand also offers an all-natural treatment option that repels mosquitoes for two weeks, and misting systems that can be used as a more permanent solution.

Another thing that sets Mosquito Joe apart is their professionally trained and certified technicians and thoroughly educated office staff, who are equipped to provide recommendations on the best service option for each customers’ situation, and in some cases a walk-through of the yard with the customer in advance of the treatment. That commitment to tailoring mosquito control treatments to individual consumers is part of the brand’s efforts to educate the public about the industry.

“Educating consumers about the importance of mosquito control is our number one priority all year long, regardless of whether or not Zika is being brought up in the news. At the end of the day, our main goal is to give people the tools and resources they need to make outside fun again,” said Wilson.

It’s clear that consumers value Mosquito Joe’s commitment to quality services and education. The brand recently ended its second quarter on a record-breaking note by celebrating a 144 percent increase in system-wide revenue from 2015 and earned a spot on the renowned Inc. 500, coming in at #128 on the list of fastest growing companies.

“We’ve experienced tremendous success so far this year, and we anticipate this trend to continue in the months and years to come,” said Wilson. “Going forward, there’s no doubt in my mind that Mosquito Joe will remain the industry’s innovative leader.”