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NBCnews.com: Hyperawareness Of Zika Virus Means Rapid Growth For Mosquito Joe
Mosquito Joe sees growth in areas like Florida and Texas amid Zika worries.
The Zika virus has caused wide-spread panic among Americans as warmer weather approaches, and retailers are preparing for peak repellent season by increasing production and stocking the shelves. Insect repellent brands are seeing substantial sales surges, some double the profit earned at the same point last year. Mosquito prevention franchises are seeing a similar result. Mosquito Joe’s business has excelled in Florida and Texas where the brand is predicting to see twice the volume due to hyperawareness of the Zika virus. Aside from Zika, mild winter weather has been a prominent force spiking sales across the country, and the effort of retailers has increased to supply the demand. Although risk of a shortage or an outbreak in the U.S. is low, it’s highly recommended to take the proper precautions and educate consumers.