Mosquito Joe Franchisees Spread Smiles with their Services

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Mosquito Joe Franchisees Spread Smiles with their Services
Mosquito Joe Franchisees Spread Smiles with their Services
Franchisees speak to how businesses help their local communities.

What do Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Houston all have in common? They regularly top the list of the worst cities in America for mosquitoes. And while the Midwest certainly has its share of pests, any list of the worst cities for mosquitoes is all but guaranteed to be weighted heavily in favor of the American southeast, one reason why Mosquito Joe has flourished in this region.

While mosquitoes are just a minor summertime nuisance for some, they represent something far worse for many others: a barrier to enjoying the outdoors.

For this reason Mosquito Joe franchisees take a special sense of pride in their businesses. Not only are they positioned to turn a profit by providing a valuable service to their community, they’re able to help their friends, family and neighbors enjoy their own backyards again.

Brooke Thompson first hooked up with Mosquito Joe as a way to retain his seasonal staff year-round. As the owner of a Liberty Tax location, the Houston native figured a mosquito control treatment franchise would be the ideal way to keep his workers employed when tax season ended.

“Before I decided to join, I wasn’t very aware of how much the brand helps people,” Thompson said. “But since then, I’ve appreciated it much more. You have to be committed to public service and public safety, and I’m committed to both.”

It’s why Thompson will be joining Mosquito Joe franchisees across the nation to participate in National Mosquito Control Awareness Week from June 21 to June 27. Thompson will donate 5 percent of new customer sales that week to a local blood center, a number to be matched by the corporate team at Mosquito Joe for a total 10 percent donation.

Another Mosquito Joe franchisee participating in the event is Chris Cookman, who owns locations in Macon and South Atlanta, Ga. Cookman said he’s thrilled about the chance to help his local Red Cross and potentially save lives.

He also shared a recent tale of potentially saving a marriage through his services.

“Someone just called us in a panic because there was an outdoor wedding and people were getting eaten up by mosquitoes,” he said. “The bride thought her wedding was going to be ruined. So we went out there and took care of it. We helped them have a great wedding.”

While not every call is so dramatic, Mosquito Joe franchisees truly do save the day for anyone trying to enjoy the outdoors.

“It’s human nature to want to help other people,” Cookman continued. “We feel good about ourselves when we serve our communities and give something back. It makes you proud of what you do.”

Just ask Jack Sparks, who runs Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta.

“You get feedback from all kinds of different customers,” Sparks said. “I remember one lady was very hesitant about our services at first, but then out of the blue she called us to say how awesome it is, how it was the first time she’d been able to hang outside in years.”

Another customer sent Sparks and his team a video of her playing with her daughter in the backyard.

“Who got rid of all the mosquitoes?” the mother asks. “Mosquito Joe!” the daughter yelled.

Sparks, who will also be participating in National Mosquito Control Awareness Week, said his first point of business when seeking out a franchise opportunity was looking for something that could be profitable. However, the Mosquito Joe concept also hit closer to home.

“My daughter is almost 2 years old, and she’s a magnet for mosquitoes,” he said. “I thought to myself, ‘I would pay for a service like this to protect her.’”

For that reason he’s planning on spraying his daughter’s daycare center free of charge. It’s also why he helps with mosquito control services at the local pool.

For Sparks, Cookman, Thompson and the rest of the Mosquito Joe family, the brand represents more than just a profitable business; it’s a way to help their communities. Everyone deserves to feel the sun on their skin with a smile on their face, and for Mosquito Joe franchisees, making that happen is a part of going to work every day.



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