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Hattiesburg Post: Mosquito Joe Identifies Mississippi as Key Development Market
The brand is looking to partner with franchsiees across the state, specifically in the Hattiesburg area.

Mosquito Joe is targeting Mississippi, specifically the Hattiesburg area, for development.

According to the Hattiesburg Post, the brand would be a great fit for the market due to the serious mosquito issues locally and statewide. Mosquito Joe is on the lookout for eligible franchisees in Mississippi interested in growing with the brand and making the outdoors fun again for locals. 

“Mississippi is interesting to us because it seems like a market that would love our services that we would provide,” Mosquito Joe CEO Kevin Wilson told the Hattiesburg Post. “I think it is just a matter of our finding the right person to open it up. We’ve got people south of Mississippi in Slidell (La.) and along the Gulf Coast. We’ve got people northeast of Mississippi in Birmingham, Ala.; north of Mississippi in Memphis and all over Texas; Texas is almost sold out.”

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