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Washington Daily News: Local Entrepreneur to Bring Mosquito Joe to Washington This Spring
Franchisee Glenn Wiley is confident the brand's services will help make the outdoors fun again for other families in the area.

With the help of the brand new Mosquito Joe in town, spring time fun is looking a lot more hopeful for Washington locals.

According to the Washington Daily News, the mosquito prevention franchise is set to open to serve this and surrounding areas with a necessary dose of strong pest prevention.

As a father himself, franchisee Glenn Wiley understands the negative impact that mosquitoes cause during outdoor play time.

"I have a 5-year-old son, and I remember growing up I'd always play outside and I've been trying to get my kids to play outside more, but what I've noticed is that my son would always come in with thee big welts from mosquito bites," Wiley told the Washington Daily News. "That made me start looking into what I can do to prevent mosquitoes in my yard, so my son can enjoy begin outside because he loved it so much."

This was the motivation for Wiley's decision to work with Mosquito Joe, and he is looking forward to getting started in helping families like his own.

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