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The Advertiser-Gleam: Mosquito Joe to Open in Guntersville, Alabama this Spring
The brand's mosquito prevention services will help service the local community.

Mosquito Joe is set to open this spring to serve Guntersville and surrounding areas. 

According to The Advertiser-Gleam, the brand will spray for mosquitoes, ticks and a variety of bothersome bugs that are set to arrive as the season changes. Helping to make outdoors more comfortable for local families is what inspired franchisee Mitchell Jackson to work with the brand upon his search for a new business opportunity. 

“I looked around at a lot of different things and I kept coming back to mosquitoes,” Mitchell Jackson told The Advertiser-Gleam.  “There are a lot of mosquito-borne illnesses today. I thought it would be something I could do and maybe help people a little bit too.”

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