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Decatur Patch: Aspiring Entrepreneur Finds Success as Business Owner with Mosquito Joe
Veteran Andrew Fisher is bringing the brand's mosquito prevention services to his Atlanta community.

Veteran Andrew Fisher was looking for a business opportunity that allowed him to fulfill his dream of business ownership as well as give back to his Atlanta community. 

"I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur," he told Patch in an email interview. "To be able to have the ability to own something, make the decisions, and provide employment for others in the community has always been attractive to me."

So, after some research, he teamed up with longtime friend Jason O'Neill to open Mosquito Joe, a mobile mosquito prevention and protection business to serve Decatur and East Atlanta.

"This was a good business opportunity that also provided a great way to help the community prevent the nuisance and disease transmission created by mosquitos," Fisher said.

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