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Mosquitos haven't let up and neither has the pest control industry
The pest control industry continues to thrive amidst West Nile Virus threats.

Mosquitos are pests that all Americans have experienced. Many brands, however, have found a hole in the mosquito market to help aid in their elimination.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, West Nile Virus, an illness spread by infected mosquitoes, was contracted in 2,085 cases in 43 states and the District of Columbia, resulting in 84 deaths.

In order to cope with the rise in mosquito-carried illnesses, brands like Virginia-based Mosquito Joe have been expanding in order to make families and communities safer in the summertime. Mosquito elimination control companies have seen a sharp rise in business as annual bouts with mosquitos and flies cause a yearly annoyance –especially for families with small children.

Mosquito Joe has quickly become a sought-after franchise opportunity, offering prospects an established brand in a growing, high-gross margin industry while offering a necessary service to local communities.

“The demand for mosquito control solutions continues to rise as more people discover the benefits of a mosquito-free yard and lifestyle,” said Kevin Wilson, CEO of Mosquito Joe. “We have tapped into one of the most successful franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs, as our services remain in high demand.”

The general rule of thumb for West Nile season is as soon as the average temperature is 50 degrees or higher, the mosquitoes start coming back to life, so being aware and being ready to contact local outdoors municipal authorities or your local Mosquito Joe is recommended.