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Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Local Business Owners Recognized as Top Franchisees by Mosquito Joe
Brad and Stephanie Simon say support from the brand's corporate team and network of local owners has been instrumental in their success.

Brad and Stephanie Simon were recently recognized as one of the top five Mosquito Joe franchisees in its system, netting more than $1 million in annual revenue. The Simons invested in the brand five years back after Brad was looking for a more versatile career path that allowed for greater flexibility and independence, and Mosquito Joe felt like the right fit. 

"I always had that desire," Simon told the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of becoming his own boss. "It was a leap of faith." 

Mosquito Joe currently has 127 franchisees operating in 235 territories in 31 states. March through November is typically peak season for the company, with more customers calling for mosquito control services as the weather warms up.

"Some customers are concerned about disease, like Zika," Simon told the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "But most just want their backyard back so they can enjoy being outside again. I've had folks who couldn't use their pools because of the bugs."

Simon said that the support and guidance he's received from the corporate team and other Mosquito Joe franchisees is a big reason for his success. 

"I wanted to build something, so we created our passion," Simon told the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. 

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